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Together for Sustainable Digitalization


Sustainability at the Core of Our Research

Together for sustainable digitalization!

Digitalization is rightly on everyone's lips. We have embarked on the fourth industrial revolution wherein information and communication technology (ICT) is the primary prerequisite for digitalization, robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT) and automation. In the period 2006–2013 alone, ICT accounted for 42 % of the increase in productivity in Sweden.

Parallel to this, we see the emergence of a sharing economy that demands new business models, new social infrastructure and new ways to define growth and productivity. Products become services, vertical business models are replaced with shared platforms, user experience is core and transports are automated for a safer and greener work environment.

Increasing awareness about digitalization and its enormous influence on industry and society has resulted in a dramatic increase in interest in Swedish ICT, our expertise and our results. Industry's digital transformation and other decisive future issues, such as how to secure society's welfare services, democracy and inclusion, security and integrity, are issues that Swedish ICT works with in more than 500 research and innovation projects, always in close concert with industry, institutes, academia and society. And we are very proud to receive exceptionally high ratings on customer satisfaction, year after year.

Our ambition is to be a driving force in, and recognized for, ensuring that Sweden and Swedish industry are world leaders in the development and use of ICT. An ambition and a mission that we have had since the birth of the Internet and that we would never achieve without our highly knowledgeable and dedicated employees.

Now we are expanding to better meet the needs of industry and society for smart digital solutions. Swedish ICT can be found throughout Sweden, from Luleå in the north to Lund in the south, and we are never more than an e-mail away.


Hans Hentzell
CEO Swedish ICT

CEO Acreo

Leif Ljungqvist, CEO
Acreo Swedish ICT

We have been a part of more than 400 research and development projects during 2015, thanks to the fantastic competence of our colleagues.

These projects have contributed to new innovations that increase the competitiveness of Swedish business, and contribute to solutions for many of the global challenges that we face.

CEO Viktoria

Per-Åke Olsson, CEO
Viktoria Swedish ICT

Digital convergence is making the impossible possible. When I started at Viktoria ten years ago, I learned about the phenomenon of digital convergence. It was about devices being digitalized and therefore possible to connect to each other, which in turn enabled communications between these devices. Today we call this the Internet of Things. Global digitalization has given us fantastic tools for tackling the major challenges facing the transportation sector – oil dependency, traffic safety, as well as emissions, congestion and climate impact.

CEO Sics

Christer Norström, CEO
SICS Swedish ICT

Global developments affect us all, and one of the current powerful forces for change is digitalization. Suddenly, digitalization is having impacts everywhere, and we’re seeing the automatic generation of news, artificial intelligence in healthcare, the automation of transport, training via the web, and more. As individuals, we are all part of the digital era – one just needs to look around to see it.

CEO Interactive Institute

Anette Novak CEO
Interactive Institute Swedish ICT

We are standing on the brink of an extreme societal transformation, when everything and everybody will be connected. The new phase that we are moving into might be one of the biggest metamorphoses the world has ever experienced. However challenging it might seem, this globalized world, always on, equals amazing opportunities. For the first time humanity will be able to work together, reaching common goals like sustainability, health and wellbeing. The sharing economy will give birth to new business models – supporting us in our quest to solve the grand challenges of our time.


Our ICT Expertise is Key

The major strength of Swedish ICT is that we are a group of specialized institutes offering both deep and wide expertise and solutions based on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Access to key knowledge and key technology is essential to enable growth and resource efficiency as well as create new innovative products and services. The institutes within Swedish ICT conducts research and innovation based in both scientific and industrial knowledge ranging from printed sensors and power electronics over big data analytics and software technologies, interaction and game design to electromobility and sustainable business.

Our General Offer

  • ICT and Digitalization Expertise
  • Research Based Consulting, Pre-studies and Reports
  • Research and Innovation Projects
  • Prototypes and Small Scale Production
  • Testbeds and Demonstrator Facilities
  • Comprehensive Networks and Competence Centre
  • SME Business Support

    Acreo Swedish ICT

  • Broadband Technology
  • Fiber Optics
  • Micro and Nanotechnologies
  • Power Electronics
  • Printed and Organic Electronics
  • Sensors and Actuators
  • System Integration

    SICS Swedish ICT

  • Big data Analytics, Machine learning and Otimization
  • Data Intensive Computing and Cloud Platforms
  • Network Technology and Architectures
  • Security, Trust, Privacy and Integrity
  • Interaction and User experience
  • Software and Systems Engineering
  • Computer Systems

    Interactive Institute Swedish ICT

  • Cross Sector Collaboration
  • Interaction Design
  • Design Strategy and Participatory Innovation
  • Visualization
  • Future Energy Use
  • Sound Design
  • Game Design and Gamification
  • Makerspace
  • ICT Enhanced Learning

    Viktoria Swedish ICT

  • Digitalization Strategy
  • Sustainable Business
  • Cooperative Systems
  • Electromobility
  • Sustainable Transport


Global challenges need to be addressed with a cross-boundary approach. That is why we combine our expertise in our Business and Innovation areas.

Global challenges need to be addressed with a cross-boundary approach. That is why we combine our expertise in our Business and Innovation areas. Digitalization is the strongest catalyst and enabler for industrial growth and societal renewal. Co-creation, shared economy, lifelong learning and resource efficiency are all important values in the digitalized world. By combining our skills in innovation orchestration, research excellence and industry experience, we enable innovation by gathering different disciplines and actors to effectively work together and provide new cross-functional solutions.

Urban Life, eHealth, Sustainable Mobility, Internet of Sports and Well-being, Security, Automation and Industrial Processes as well as Internet and Telecom are all application areas were ICT undoubtedly is a key driver for innovation and renewal.

sustainable mobility


Sustainable transports for the future

Sustainable mobility of people and goods is a major global challenge. Digital innovations can improve road safety while also reducing environmental impact, and increasing the availability and accessibility in transportation. At Swedish ICT, we address these challenges by taking on the role of innovation orchestrators - enabling new products, services and systems based on ICT.

We focus on three main innovation areas; Automated Vehicles, Electromobility and Sustainable Transport Systems. Within automated vehicles we develop future vehicle functionality for increased safety and customer satisfaction as well as competitiveness. Seamless interactions and user experience design are other major areas of expertise for the vital transformation into open, horizontal and standardized systems. Electromobility is about striving towards the conversion to more electric kilometers in all type of transportation and it is a truly multidisciplinary research area. We cooperate with different actors to enable cordless, dynamic charging of electric vehicles, the development of electric roads, sensors for battery state estimation and sound design for electric vehicles.

Sustainable transport systems support new transportation practices and novel business models, regardless of transportation mode. Innovations such as “Mobility as a service”, the design and implementation of maritime informatics and traffic optimization are just a few examples of what we do for industry and society – for sustainable mobility.


Kent-Eric Lång


+46 (0) 70 241 01 03



Electrical vehicles can be hard for pedestrians to detect, making accidents more common. The European Parliament has ruled that, starting in 2019, all new electric vehicles must be equipped with an acoustic vehicle alerting system, called SAVAS.

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China is in need of more sustainable transport solutions. Increasing prosperity brings with it increased transportation requirements and a higher number of cars. Car sharing services with electric vehicles is one of several solutions being experimented with, but has so far met with limited success.

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Opportunities for better living, curing and caring

People’s living environments will play a central role in the future of health and social care. At Swedish ICT we are preparing for a sustainable transformation, developing novel eHealth-solutions for the benefit of individuals and caregivers.

In entirely new ways, health care is becoming an integral part of our everyday lives – regardless of whether we are healthy or ill, young or old. We want to take responsibility for our health and well-being. At the same time, the elderly population is growing in numbers and the demand for home care- and health services is increasing. These are challenges that can be turned into opportunities by using ICT.

At Swedish ICT eHealth we enable autonomy and an increased quality of life for patients and the elderly by developing secure and efficient digital health and care solutions. Important issues such as access to quality-assured data, secure and connected communications systems, open solutions, efficient processes and interactive services are all essential in future health and social care are all core of our operations.

Our main application areas are digital care services, home care for the chronically ill, big data analysis based on health-related data, diagnosis and treatment using sensors and sensor systems, and more efficient, remote rehab using gamification. We act as independent, advanced, digitalization advisors for municipalities as well as regions.


Per-Olof Sjöberg


+46 (0)70 519 04 91

eHealth stories


A network of sensors and actuators on and in your body, which continuously measure your health, diagnose your condition and administer medicine. How does that sound? Through the BioCom-Lab initiative, Linköping University and Acreo Swedish ICT are developing bio-electronic solutions for future medical and health care

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In late 2014, Hammad Al-Saaid, one of the founders of Riddarens Vårdcentral, contacted Dag Forsén at SICS Swedish ICT. Hammad wanted to discuss how to best apply new digital tools offered in the growing area of e-health, as a major pillar of the new health center he and his brother were planning to build.

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Urban life

Connecting creativity and technology for sustainable cities

Our latest business and innovation area Urban Life is all about using ICT research and ICT implementations for the benefit of citizens, the environment and businesses. And to contribute to the emergence of sustainable, smart cities.

Big cities need to handle the dual challenges of an ever-growing population combined with dwindling natural resources – and simultaneously ensure social and economic sustainability. Humanity is currently using the resource equivalent of 1.6 planets with the predominant consumption in cities. The big cities are facing collapsing transportation systems, increasing air pollution, lack of clean water, pile-up of waste, etc. – and often even lack of governance to cope with these challenges in a meaningful way. Smaller cities face their own challenges, including attracting residents and creating employment opportunities. On the positive side, urbanization and migration transform cities into cultural melting pots and engines of creativity, innovation and growth. Regardless of a city’s size, and the obstacles or possibilities it faces, ICT is a key tool for developing its sustainable future.

At Swedish ICT Urban Life we are experts in the introduction and application of sustainable ICT-based infrastructure for smart homes, buildings, cities and communities. We develop concepts based on open platforms, open data and access to digital infrastructure, in which development of business and collaboration models and privacy and security are equally important elements.

We are also experts in Sensor solutions and IoT platforms for environmental monitoring and energy efficiency and we always assume a development perspective, focusing on people and residents and prioritizing their needs and experiences.


Claus Popp Larsen


+46 (0)70 688 19 42


Urban life stories


Skellefteå was the first city to present an internationally unique solution for a practical open smart home – a shared platform for digital services in comfort, security and energy. The platform has been developed under the Smart Homes project headed by Swedish ICT

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SICS Swedish ICT and Mobile Life, together with IKEA, have explored how furniture can be designed with a somaesthetic* approach to support meditative bodily introspection.

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Internet of Sports

Sports leading the way to digital innovations and new business

Internet of Sports merges the Swedish sports tradition with a high level of technology expertise in order to create ICT-based innovations for improved individual achievements, greater sports experiences and increased well-being.

More people than ever are involved in sports, which have developed into a massive global business with significant economic value. Promoting an active lifestyle is paramount to increase public health and reduce stress on the healthcare system. Sweden has a unique opportunity to use sport to drive growth and enable digital innovations and improvements for athletes, the equipment, the spectators and the arenas.

To drive innovation, we collaborate with research and sports organizations, industry partners and product developers. Together, we invent new products and services that support athletes, coaches and other’s in their quest for excellence or just better achievements. Important partners are also companies and organizations whose main goal is to provide sports experiences to the audience, such as arenas, destinations, and media companies.

Our expertise ranges from advanced sensor systems, smart materials and clothing, interactive equipment, big data analysis and visualizations to interaction design, game mechanics and user experiences, as well as the technology infrastructure needed for the next generation of smart products. We also facilitate collaborative workshops through Makerspaces and Hackathons.


Bernhard Hirschauers


+46 (0)73-937 15 35

National strategy for Future sports

Together with key partners and stakeholders we have defined a national strategy to strengthen Swedish innovations combining ICT and sports and well-being. Download the innovation agenda at: www.swedishict.se/business-areas/internet-of-sports



A collaboration with the Vasaloppet ski race saw the launch of WeMeMove – a new type of digital coaching service to make cross-country skiing training more enjoyable and more effective. The product is based on a research and development collaboration between KTH Royal Institute of Technology and SICS Swedish ICT, and is the first certified coach for Vasaloppet that is completely digital.

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Imagine if you were able to get real-time feedback on which type of shots are more successful, or if your opponent most often fails when returning forehands or backhands? This becomes reality with a new, interactive table tennis table.

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Automation and industrial processes


Learning machines and smart systems INDUSTRY 4.0 is here

Global competition drives industry towards more flexible, cost-efficient and adaptable production. On the other hand, global growth demands resource-efficient and sustainable production. Automation and digitalization is the solution and we are the experts.

Information and communication technologies are vital enablers for efficiency in many respects including productivity, energy, and environmental impact. But the digitalization of industry goes beyond the use of ICT for better resource consuption and fewer emissions. It means smarter and safer workplaces, new industrial and societal networks, and a more interactive and responsive way of doing business. We see a rapidly increasing demand and need for automation and industrial ICT, and we are running a large number of industrial innovation projects together with large companies as well as SMEs.

Within Swedish ICT we have deep scientific knowledge as well as extensive industrial experience within automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, sensors and sensor systems, specialty optical fibers, systems and software engineering, cloud computing, resource utilization and efficiency, optimization, visualization and user experiences – all vital components for the renewal of Swedish industry.

We are also experts in Sensor solutions and IoT platforms for environmental monitoring and energy efficiency and we always assume a development perspective, focusing on people and residents and prioritizing their needs and experiences.


Helena Jerregård


+46 (0)70-517 34 80

Automation and industrial processes stories

Fiber sensors pave the way for composite constructions

Sensors integrated into innovative composite materials will allow the structural integrity of components in everything from bridges to airplanes to be monitored throughout their lifetimes. This new technology will benefit both industry and society.

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digital wireless mine with autonomous vehicles and no people underground might sound like science fiction, but huge strides are being made to turn this into reality.

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Innovations for a safer tomorrow

The demand and need for new safety and security solutions is increasing, for surveillance and protection of lives, infrastructure and borders as well as cyber security. Reliable information and communication services require reliable software and hardware but the threats increase as the digital systems become more distributed. At Swedish ICT we have strong competence in network and cloud security, an area that is growing in importance. We also develop THz-sensors and advanced sensor networks for physical protection and security.


Leif Ljungqvist


+46 (0) 705 949 401

Security stories


The Swedish Transport Administration’s vision of zero traffic fatalities and the EU’s traffic safety objectives for 2020 together pose enormous challenges. Smarter monitoring systems based on millimeter-wave radar are part of the solution to help reduce the number of accidents on roads and railroads. Acreo Swedish ICT, DENSO, Qamcom and Amparo are working together to develop next-generation radar sensors for safer traffic.

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In recent years, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of smart solutions available for the control of power consumption, generation and distribution. At the same time, the threats against infrastructures critical to security are becoming more calculated and more frequent. SICS Swedish ICT is involved in a European project taking a holistic approach to secure smart electricity grids.

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Internet and telecom


Internet and telecom

At Swedish ICT we support development towards more powerful, sustainable, secure and available IT infrastructures by conducting applied research within areas such as internet traffic, internet of things (IoT), cloud computing, big data analytics, mobile services, network architecture, home and access networks and services, open platforms and data center technologies.


Christer Norström


+46 (0) 70 566 15

internet and telecom stories


Thousands of households in Sweden suffer from poor indoor mobile telephony coverage because their homes are so well-insulated. And as the number of energy-efficient homes increases, the number of households affected is expected to reach hundreds of thousands by 2025 in Sweden alone. Acreo Swedish ICT, together with eight industrial partners, a board of experts from construction companies, property owners and landlords are taking a holistic view of the issue to solve the problem once and for all.

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Cloud technology and data analytics are important components of the government's new digitalization strategy. SICS Swedish ICT:s new data center in Luleå, for large scale experiments, fills a major need.

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Swedish ICT Stories

We have expertise in running complex projects with a wide range of stakeholders. Our wealth of knowledge and industry experience have been central to hundreds of successful projects. Take part of some of our results here.
Find more at www.swedishict.se

Developing Small and Medium-sized enterprises

We have developed an effective collaborative process for small and medium-sized enterprises, SMEs, to increase their competitiveness and enable innovation. We assess and support companies that need to develop their products, production processes or services with ICT-based technology. We can offer SME ́s business support as well as participation in R&D-projects, and our comprehensive national and international networks.


Turnover in SME ́s, related to joint R&D projects with the institutes within Swedish ICT, was 514 MSEK (2015). Swedish ICT ́s spin-off companies increased their sales in 2015 to 2465 MSEK (2013: 2011 MSEK). The impact on industrial turnover is equivalent to ten times return on public investment given to Swedish ICT. During 2015, a new company spun off from SICS Swedish ICT - Prindit - developing a unique tool that will help Swedish industry to improve their productivity.

Successful SME Stories


ICT is a rapidly growing area within vehicle development, and now includes functions with crucial importance to factors like safety, environment and energy consumption. Global competition is driving the industry toward fast and cost-effective product development. The automotive industry needs to be able to develop, acquire and integrate software just as easy as you would in a mobile phone. But if we’re going to get there, we need to join forces. VICTA Lab is a new resource for third party developers to the vehicle industry.

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The ICT Meta Cluster is helping small and medium-sized companies reach new markets outside the EU and EFTA. Join the journey to Brazil, Canada, or why not the USA?

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Swedish ICT cooperates with several SMEs in their process of changing from selling physical products to also sell digital products and services. During these collaborations the SMEs can take big initial steps in digitalizing their business in relatively short time, in order to create new revenue and value-producing opportunities.

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Over 380 million people – more than five percent of the world’s population - live with diabetes. By 2035, this number is expected to rise to nearly 600 million. Most people with diabetes need to monitor glucose levels, but some find the process painful. Microneedles can help

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Digitalization for a sustainable community

The digitalization is both catalyst and engine for a sustainable societal development, in which quality community services can be offered with both the environment and the individual in focus.

As a neutral, state-owned research body we can act as both a digitalization advisor and an innovator leader. We can support in areas such as open data, welfare services, ICT-enhanced learning, public transport and broadband investments, to give a few examples. We gather municipalities, universities and industry in joint R&D-projects to develop new digital solutions to complex societal issues. Our services can be procured with the support of the R&D exception of the Swedish Act on Public Procurement.

Here we present four different innovation and collaboration projects conducted together with partners in the public sector.


Mobility as a Service, MaaS, is often described as the most exciting paradigm shift at present in the transport sector. Viktoria Swedish ICT is involved in several MaaS-related projects and has established itself as one of the leading research-actors in the field.

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For 80 years, The National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm has been the go to place for kids, youths and adults with interest for innovation, technology, electronics and machinery. When the largest exhibition in the museums history, MegaMind, was inaugurated in 2016, Interactive Institute were proud be a part of three, out of 40, of the installations in place. The installations were chosen in tough competition from several international competitors. Mindball an innovation created several years ago got room together with to completely new ones. The installations are an important showroom that are shown to approximately 500 000 visitors per year.

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Ostlänken is the first in a new generation of faster and more reliable railroads in Sweden. Such a large infrastructural project has an enduring impact on citizens’ lives and it is therefore crucial to develop new tools for better understanding, increased citizen dialogue and involvement.

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SICS Swedish ICTs online platform, “Scalable Learning”, supports the popular and highly efficient flipped classroom teaching method; the platform has been used by over 15,000 students and many hundreds of teachers at all levels.

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Sustainability at the Core of Our Research

Swedish ICT's role is to promote sustainable development in Sweden. Research results are to be transformed into innovations that contribute to increased competitiveness and sustainable renewal in industry and society, as well as improved quality of life.

Our mission indicates a clear focus on sustainability: We shall work with research and innovation that create value and meet the needs and demands of industry and society. We shall contribute to sustainable development using its resources efficiently and contribute to solutions to major global challenges.

In order to meet these demands access to expertise is crucial to the fulfillment of our mission. This is why we strive to be an attractive employer that is able to both recruit and retain employees while actively contributing to industrial know-how and strategic human resource planning.

To understand the needs and demands of business and society we have an active and ongoing discourse with stakeholders, such as customers, partners, owners and employees, in order to identify improvement potential and development opportunities.

Sustainability goals and strategies

The goalshave been fulfilled in part through the systematization of customer surveys, employee surveys and salary reviews. The goal to establish common ethical guidelines remains, although work began in 2015 in collaboration with all RISE companies. The goal is for the ethical guidelines to be completed and adopted in 2016.

Our owner, RISE, has initiated a large, long-term development project with a focus on sustainability. Swedish ICT has participated in the project since the start and in 2015 conducted a materiality analysis and efforts to define sustainability goals for the RISE institutes. The board of RISE approved the proposed goals in October 2015, marking the starting signal for a new phase in the sustainability project – to implement the goals in the companies' business and operational plans and to start communicating our sustainability work.

Swedish ICT's business and action plans for 2016-2019 both incorporate the new goals.

The subsidiaries also have local goals based on local strategies and policies. Depending on the specific focus of different activities and individual projects, the companies emphasize different issues, although the ambition is to always highlight the sustainability aspects of project results.

Download Swedish ICT GRI Report 2015

“Digitalization and sustainability are two major, and intertwined, fields of our expertise - at the core of our business and research. We need to digitalize in a sustainable way whilst digitalization enable a sustainable world. Swedish ICT impacts society and the environment primarily through the research projects in which we participate and the results that we deliver. ICT is essentially an enabling technology for most industries, in both the private and the public sectors. ICT enables solutions to the UN development goals as well as optimizing and strengthen both industry and society. Accordingly, sustainability is a given aspect of our research projects – in line with our common vision: “ICT for a sustainable and better lifefor everyone.”

Hans Hentzell, CEO Swedish ICT

Activity Examples 2015

  • Joint materiality analysis conducted and goals established and approved by the board of RISE.
  • For the second year running, a customer survey was conducted for all Swedish ICT companies using a shared tool and the same questions, which enables systematic reviews and improvement work.
  • Naturally, the HR group is involved in the sustainability work and in 2015 decided on a common tool for salary reviews and employee surveys. We have also invested in the HR portal Edge HR, for all companies to use as HR support. The employee survey has been expanded with new questions on sustainability.
  • Swedish ICT's activities report highlights a few of the many R&D projects that directly or indirectly contribute to a more sustainable world. These results are also presented in RISE's annual report and effectiveness report.

Goals 2014-2015

  • Adopt a common policy for ethical guidelines that establishes the framework for decisions about which projects the companies within Swedish ICT should participate in and how we are to act.
  • At group level, systematize customer surveys, employee surveys, salary reviews and common policy development.

Meet our researchers


Ann-Charlotte Mellquist, Researcher, Viktoria Swedish ICT

A circular economy is an economic system and innovation framework that...


Christer Johansson, Adjunct Professor and Senior Expert , Acreo Swedish ICT

I have always been interested in the physical properties of materials and various types of...


Anna Sirkka, Studio Director, Interactive Institute Swedish IC

I’m driven by great curiosity, a desire to understand people...


Theodore Vasiloudis, Researcher, SICS Swedish ICT

My focus is on relationships between objects in very large data sets


Victoria Svedberg, Researcher, SICS Swedish ICT

Proof Victoria Svedberg's career began with a strong interest in theoretical mathematics.


Ulrika Linderhed, development engineer, Printed Electronics

I have been working a lot on developing more efficient electrolyte ink for printed displays.


Erik Einebrant, Researcher, Interactive Institute Swedish ICT

Today, his primarily focus lies on the H2020 project Tribe, where the opportunities...


Håkan Sundelin, Researcher, Viktoria Swedish ICT

I was enticed by the opportunity to better understand how major system changes in the transport sector affect the entire transport system and society as a whole.

Highlights 2015


  • The Knowledge Foundation grants 29.5 million SEK over five years to SICS research in large-scale data analysis. Read more...

    SICS Swedish ICT
  • Inauguration of SICS Digital Health Lab in Norrköping.

    SICS Swedish ICT
  • Vehicle ICT Area Innovation Bazaar with Roger Malkusson, VP R&D at Getinge Infection Control, as keynote speaker.

    Viktoria Swedish ICT
  • Viktoria Swedish ICT reports for Swedish authority Traffic Analysis on how the degree of automation within the Swedish passenger car fleet can be measured. Read more...

    Viktoria Swedish ICT
  • Volvo Trucks Open Innovation Challenge, a hackaton competition with participating teams.

    Viktoria Swedish ICT
  • Hosted “Earth Day” in Eskilstuna.

    Interactive Institute Swedish ICT
  • Swedish ICT Business area Internet of Sports organized The Internet of Sports Day in Åre.

    Interactive Institute Swedish ICT
  • A new spin off company if born in Norrköping; Interspectral.

    Interactive Institute Swedish ICT
  • SICS Open House with over 300 guests.

    SICS Swedish ICT


  • Project start for “Sound Design for Acoustic Vehicle Alerting Systems” SAVAS.

    Interactive Institute Swedish ICT
  • Interactive Institute carried out a guerrilla activity together with Internetstiftelsen at Meg15

    Interactive Institute Swedish ICT
  • Sectra’s visualization table – developed by Interactive Institue – won the prestigious Dirk Bartz research award. Award

    Interactive Institute Swedish ICT
  • Interactive Institute in Gothenburg created Maker Movies for children and newcomers on coding and computational creativity. Read more...

    Interactive Institute Swedish ICT
  • Successful participation in the “ArkDes-Reprogramming the city” exhibition, with the Urban Mining installation, visualizing what is buried in the grounds under the city of Norrköping. Event

    Interactive Institute Swedish ICT
  • Workshop in Viktoria Swedish ICT led SAFER project Boundary Conditions for Vehicle Automation, with out-of-the-box presentations of remote flight tower control and robot surgery. Event

    Viktoria Swedish ICT
  • Release of Hops, a new platform for very large data sets. Read more...

    SICS Swedish ICT
  • E-health at home – Strategic Agenda for E-health Innovation in Sweden is published. Read more...

    SICS Swedish ICT
  • Swedish New Energy Vehicle Workshop at Swedish Embassy in Beijing with Viktoria Swedish ICT as main speakers.

    Viktoria Swedish ICT
  • International Transport Forum award 2015 goes to startup UBIGO.

    Viktoria Swedish ICT
  • Official launch for demonstration of wireless charging for electric vehicles in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

    Viktoria Swedish ICT
  • Lena Hylving’s dissertation on “Digitalization Dynamics: User Interface Innovation in an Automotive Setting”.

    Viktoria Swedish ICT
  • Viktoria Swedish ICT present at Almedalen with presentations and demonstrations.

    Viktoria Swedish ICT
  • A 5G Project for remote control of vehicles in mines started with Ericsson and ABB. Read more...

    SICS Swedish ICT
  • Optimized train traffic planning by flexible time-tables launched at Swedish Transport Administation. Read more...

    SICS Swedish ICT
  • Receives Best Paper award for a TV-on-Demand analysis at ICDT in Barcelona. Read more...

    Acreo Swedish ICT
  • Opens Usability Labs.

    Acreo Swedish ICT


  • Interactive Institute becomes key partner in digitalization of Uppsala Kommun, signed framework agreement for long-term collaboration.

    Interactive Institute Swedish ICT
  • Inauguration of MegaMind at Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology, where Interactive Institute have been part in producing two new installations, The idea generator and Dancing with synapses.

    Interactive Institute Swedish ICT
  • Interactive Institute in Kista hosted an “open house” for 100 teachers, part of the Ifous’ entrepreneurial learning program.

    Interactive Institute Swedish ICT
  • EU awards Swedish led consortia 21 MEUR for validating Sea Traffic Management, with Viktoria Swedish ICT as key member.

    Viktoria Swedish ICT
  • Vehicle ICT Arena Innovation Bazaar with Peter Carlsson, CP Purschasing & Logistics at Tesla Motors, as keynote speaker.

    Viktoria Swedish ICT
  • Acreo in Hudiksvall moves to Fiberhuset.

    Acreo Swedish ICT
  • Minister of Trade visits PEA-M.

    Acreo Swedish ICT
  • COPD patients start using new e-health solutions in real life. Read more...

    SICS Swedish ICT
  • Cloud and Big Data summer school organized by SICS, KTH and EIT ICT Labs. Read more...

    SICS Swedish ICT
  • Luca Mottola receives the Google Faculty Award for 2015. Read more...

    SICS Swedish ICT
  • Construction start for new data center as a testbed for big data and cloud research and innovation in Luleå. Read more...

    SICS Swedish ICT


  • Co-production of the annual research conference “Audio Mostly” in Greece. Read more...

    Interactive Institute Swedish ICT
  • Finnish in the wild – The 8-week Finnish language learning course Interactive Institute co-designed with researchers and teachers in Finland launched in October.

    Interactive Institute Swedish ICT
  • The Power Aware Cord is released to market ten years after the project initially started. “The Pac” has been listed as one of the worlds 50 best inventions.

    Interactive Institute Swedish ICT
  • The Children Make project sets up a workshop in Istanbul together with the Swedish Institute and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

    Interactive Institute Swedish ICT
  • Makerspace in School, a 3-year testbed project, is launched in collaboration with municipalities, universities, science centres and companies.

    Interactive Institute Swedish ICT
  • SICS Software Week with themes: Multicore, Data Science and Digital Health. Read more ...

    SICS Swedish ICT
  • Prindit, the first spin off of SICS Västrår is started. Read more...

    SICS Swedish ICT
  • Design for body awareness exhibited at IKEAs living lab in Copenhagen. Read more...

    SICS Swedish ICT
  • Markus Bylund gives the opening speech at Digitaliseringskommissionen’s final seminar.

    SICS Swedish ICT
  • Acreo holds Photonics event for school girls.

    Acreo Swedish ICT
  • Viktoria contridutes to the Nordic Council of Ministers project “Moving towards a circular economy – successful Nordic business models”.

    Viktoria Swedish ICT
  • Electricity Innovation Challenge, a hackathoncompetition with 64 participating teams.

    Viktoria Swedish ICT
  • Workshop in Viktoria Swedish ICT led SAFER project Boundary Conditions for Vehicle Automation, with one-of-the-box presentations of robotic sailing and automation on agriculture. Event

    Viktoria Swedish ICT
  • 200th newsletter on automated vehicles issues, reaching 870+ subscribers. Publication

    Viktoria Swedish ICT
  • Viktoria Swedish ICT Forum 2015. Event

    Viktoria Swedish ICT

Financial Ratios

Swedish ICT Consolidated Income Statement

Jan-Dec (KSEK) 2015 2014
Operating income
Net turnover 455 850 448 837
Other operating income 6 664 8 141
462 514 456 978
Operating expenses
Other external costs −146 901 −130 992
Personnel costs −300 814 −294 517
Depreciation of tangible assets and intangible assets −3 574 −4 223
Share of associated companies result in the group 0 −11 204
Result from Financial Investments
Securities and receivables 77 -158
Interest income and similar items 168 675
Interest expense and similar items -31 -44
Result after financial income and expenses 11 439 16 515
Deffered tax -1 607 -1 324
Net profit/loss for the year 9 832 15 191

Swedish ICT Consolidated Balance Sheet

ASSETS (KSEK) 2015-12-31 2014-12-31
Intangible assets 7 720 6 748
Tangible assets 22 183 10 080
Financial assets 1 123 1 829
Inventories, Work in progress 88 153 68 353
Accounts receivables – trade 40 508 40 217
Other receivables 27 591 24 317
Cash and bank balances 149 213 136 348
TOTAL ASSETS 336 491 287 892
Shareholders equity 77 311 67 633
Minority interest 668 513
Provisions 364 513
Advance payments from customers 156 978 139 704
Current liabilities 101 170 79 794


ASSETS (KSEK) Acreo SICS Group Interactive Institute Viktoria
Income statement
Net turnover 165 582 173 926 49 526 67 050
Result after finacial items 4 565 3 991 136 1 886
Balance sheet total 84 526 181 501 28 736 29 554
Shareholders' equity 20 066 38 859 8 462 6 046
Net margin ratio 2,8% 2,3% 0,3% 2,8%
Equity ratio 23,7% 21,4% 29,4% 20,5%
Average number of employees 124 144 45 50


Jan-Dec (KSEK) 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
Income statement
Net turnover 455 850 448 837 432 339 429 495 428 633
Net turnover 11 439 16 515 -8 491 -25 847 -8 629
Balance sheet
Balance sheet total 336 491 287 892 253 150 251 031 255 987
Shareholders equity 77 311 67 333 52 599 53 640 76 104
Key figures
Net margin raito 2.5% 3.7% -2.0% -6.0% -2.0%
Equity ratio 23.0% 23.5% 20.8% 21.4% 29.7%
Average number of employees 371 344 362 344 355
Cash flow 12 865 58 200 -3 876 -10 480 -34 975

Download the annual report for 2015 (English, PDF)

Download the leagal annual report 2015 (Swedish, PDF)

We are Swedish ICT

Swedish ICT is a group of world-leading research institutes within Information and Communication technologies (ICT), enabling a sustainable digitalization of industry and society. Our role is to work for sustainable growth in Sweden. The group comprises of Acreo Swedish ICT, SICS Swedish ICT, Interactive Institute Swedish ICT and Viktoria Swedish ICT.

Our role is to work for sustainable growth in Sweden. Our research results are converted into innovations that contribute to greater competitiveness and renewal in industry and society, and better quality of life. We always work in close collaboration with industry, public sector and academia.

We combine research excellence with industry professionals, offering specific ICT expertise and cross-functional digital solutions - gathering different disciplines and actors to effectively work together.

We are an independent and non-profit-distributing partner for your research, development and innovation projects. There are many ways of collaborating with us: together in direct funded projects or public funded projects, as a partner in our competence centers, by using our testbeds and demonstrator facilities, or by taking part in our outreach activities.


Swedish ICT has around 450 employees, working in 11 cities in Sweden, close to universities and regional business and innovation hubs. HQ is situated in Kista, Stockholm, one of the world´s leading ICT clusters.

SHORT FACTS 2015 (2014)

Turnover 456 (449) MSEK Patents 139 (158) Publications in scientific journals 242 (240) PhD & Lic 178 (169) Associated Professors 24 (21) PhD students 44 (59) Master Thesis Students 59 (52)

74 (48) researchers started at the institutes from universities 27 (21) researchers started at the institutes from industry 20 (22) researchers left the institutes for working at universities 32 (23) researchers left the institutes for working in industry We are some 450 researchers working in over 500 national and international R&D-projects, among them 43 EU-projects.

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